Dr Roland Lee

Dr Roland Lee (MBBS, Dip, NEM) is our practice’s Principal Doctor and has been with us since we opened in 1996. Dr Lee strives to provide empathetic and holistic patient care with a focus on preventative health and has an interest in nutrition, travel medicine, immunisation, exercise and sports medicine. His approach to medicine is to ensure a healthy lifestyle supported by tailored exercise appropriate for the patient.

Mon-Tue: 9am-6pm | Wed: 9am-12:30pm | Thu-Fri: 9am-6pm | Sat: 9am-12pm


Dr Jun Yeoh

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Dr Daiva Dawson

Dr Daiva Dawson (MBBS, BSC) provides family medical care and counselling services. Dr Dawson is a graduate of the University of Melbourne and did her training at the Royal Melbourne Hospital. After various forays into surgery, emergency and internal medicine, she discovered that she had a special interest in providing mental health care in a general practice setting. She completed her higher training in 2004 through the GP Mental Health Standards Collaboration and now works as a fully accredited counsellor and provider of focused psychological strategies under Medicare’s Mental Health Care Plan system.

Tue-Fri: 10am-2pm


Dr Kathy Zebic

Mon: 9:30am-4pm | Tue: 12pm-6pm | Wed: 10am-4pm | Thu: 12pm-6pm | Fri: 10am-6pm


Dr Sarah Hayes

Tue: 9:30am-5pm